We began our careers as Construction Project Managers. While on the job, we knew that it was virtually impossible to have X-ray vision and see through walls. So when issues arose with the work of subcontractors or communicating with our customers, there was always the potential for problems once the drywall was up. Those concerns were magnified every day, especially during a project’s completion phase.

Time and time again, homeowners and developers would ask us, “Is there a way to photo-capture all the MEP elements in the walls and ceilings before we insulate and drywall?” When we’d tell them that there was no such service, they’d be puzzled and ask, “How can that be? I’m building a custom home with costs of $3.5 million plus, and I won’t know where anything is located for any future needs?

We’d hear the same complaints from luxury condominium developers who wanted to offer this feature to their buyers. While some plumbers or HVAC mechanics did take photos of their work prior to insulation and drywall, they had no system in place for identifying the location of each photo and making it useful to their clients.

Fast-forward 2 years: With thousands of hours of brainstorming, programming and web development by our skilled tech team, we built this much wanted and needed service for the greater NY/NJ area.